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A great website needs great words!

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Website Content Writing

A great website needs great words!

It doesn’t matter how fabulous your website looks, if it doesn’t actually say what you do, in the right tone of voice, then you’re not going to connect with your audience. You’re also not going to connect with Google and the other search engines.

Today, more than ever, a website needs well written, creative, unique content that is engaging for your human audience and ticks all the boxes for Google’s bots.

Writing the text for a website is a finely balanced art between creating interesting, informative content for specific audiences, and including keyword rich, optimised text that will be recognised for its relevance in search engine algorithms. You need short, punchy, attention grabbing headlines that include key phrases, followed by more content explaining simply exactly what you offer, and broadcasting your USP (unique selling point) to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

We find that waiting for a client to provide the copy (text) for the website causes one of the biggest delays in delivering a website. You can avoid that delay, by letting us write the content for you. Our experienced writers will take time to understand your business, what you offer, where you provide your services, what makes your business special, and then turn that into great, attention grabbing text for your site. Our website content writers are SEO experts and know what is required to ensure your site grabs the attention of Google too.

It’s also important that, for your website to be seen as relevant, fresh content is added regularly to your website. This could be in the form of a blog, or as articles on subjects linked to your business. Very often a business doesn’t have the time or inclination to write this fresh website content as often as required. Complete IT Solutions can help – our website content writers will create blog posts and articles on topical industry themes for you to add to your site. You can provide the theme, and anything you’d like included, and our writers will perform further research and write well- informed articles for you.

By using our website content writing services you can drive more traffic to your website and get more leads. If you already have a website we can analyse which pages need SEO improvement and write content specifically for those pages. Or we can rework your entire site and produce optimised fresh content for each web page. We will carry out competitor research on your behalf and identify what they are doing well and what your site could improve on – then do it for you!

Our team of website content writers are experts in adapting their tone and style to suit a huge range of businesses and audiences, so if you are looking for additional website, social media, or newsletter content, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

To write great website content you need to take into consideration a number of points.

  • 1) What is the purpose of the website? Is it to drive sales of a product? Is it to attract new clients? Is it to bring information to a wider audience. We won’t start writing your website content until we fully understand your aims.
  • 2) Who is your audience? The main text of the website is aimed at real humans – your potential customers. We need to know what sort of people these are, are they technical experts, or general public? What are their interests and demographics? What do they really want to know? When we can identify this, we can pitch writing the website text at the right level. We can ensure that the website content answers the questions they might be asking.
  • 3) What are your competitors doing? We will find out who your competitors are and what makes you different from them? We’ll look at what they are doing well on their website, and what we could do even better for you. We can also use them for inspiration of different topics to write about.
  • 4) How are all the pages on your site linked together? Text can not be duplicated on your site, so each segment will need unique, well-written content, with internal links from one page to another. We will work through your site and plan where each segment of text should be placed for maximum effect.
  • 5) What are your keywords? For great search engine optimisation it’s vital that each piece of writing is written with your keywords in mind. They need to be included naturally in each headline, and throughout the text, but not overloaded. We will take time to identify your keywords, longtail (longer) keyword phrases and geographical service areas, and ensure our content writing includes all these.
  • We make sure our website content writing includes great headlines, subheadings, keyword and compelling calls to action to make sure every paragraph performs to its potential.

    Don’t spend hours forcing yourself to do a poor job of writing your website content, and potentially delaying the development of your website. Just get in touch with us and we can provide you with all the website content writing you need.

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How long will it take
Successful websites begin with understanding our clients and their aims completely. We will work with you to clarify exactly what you want from your website and what the key goals of your site are. Then we will deliver powerful, sophisticated website solutions with ergonomic, user-friendly content management systems so you can manage your new website going forward.
What services do you provide
Complete IT Solutions offer the complete web design and hosting package from the purchase of your very first domain name to publishing your new, vibrant website or online shop on the internet. Even if you don’t know where to begin we can complete the process for you from start to finish so you don’t have to get involved in any of the technicalities if you don’t want to.
Will it work in all popular web browsers
At Complete IT Solutions our web design process has been tested to ensure that the core aims of your website are at the forefront of all our website developments. Once the look and feel of your killer website has been signed off we can start developing your website. We perform rigorous testing on your website to ensure its functionality and that any bugs are ironed out, before we hand it over to you. We will ensure that your website is mobile responsive and looks good on any browser and device.
How much will it cost
We have a diverse range of companies with multi-million pound turnovers to small new businesses taking their first steps on the internet. No project is too big or small, and we put the same amount of dedication into all our clients, so please contact us with your web design enquiry and let us maximise your company’s potential.
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